Young Adult Leadership Awards

The Youth-In-Transition Grant Young Adult Leadership Award Program

Previous Young Adult Leadership Award Winners


The Vermont Youth In Transition (YIT) Grant is committed to the goal of developing & strengthening young adult leadership across the state of VT. Starting in 2011, the YIT Grant is sponsoring a quarterly Young Adult Leadership Award which is open for nomination to all of the transition aged youth/young adults in the state of VT who exhibit exemplary leadership and initiative in their own lives and affecting the lives of others around them. We believe in honoring these community activists for their efforts, hard work, and dedication to improving the lives of themselves, other young adults and their communities in general.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees will display initiative in developing their own leadership skills as well as inspiring leadership development in and empowering other youth/young adults through leadership groups, designing & implementing youth/young adult trainings, organizing community activities & projects, etc. Successful nominations will reflect the nominee’s efforts & dedication to supporting others, drawing the community together through efforts that reduce the stigma associated with being a young adult in their area, partnering with local agencies & businesses, and creating lasting initiatives that will continue to guide & help others for years to come.

Qualified nominees need to:

  • Be between the ages of 16 and 25 years old
  • Be a Vermont resident
  • Be active in making a difference in a Vermont community
  • Be committed to honoring cultural diversity and social justice

We firmly believe that the creativity, tenacity and inspiration these youth/young adults display in their daily lives should not go unnoticed and merit celebration & recognition locally & statewide. These youth/young adults are the activists of change for the future who leave a lasting influence on the lives of others around them and their communities in general.

Nominations can be submitted to Matt Wolf ([email protected]) anytime throughout the year and are greatly encouraged. The nominations are reviewed on a quarterly basis, and all nominations not selected for the honor in a given quarter are held indefinitely for review for future quarter’s awards.

The four winners of this award each year will be offered:
  1. Official public recognition in their local region, and statewide at the annual Young Adult Voice Movement (YAVM) Conference by the Vermont YIT State Team.
  2. An invitation to join members of the VT YIT State Team in attending a National Conference about excelling as a young adult leader.
  3. A copy of a press release celebrating their accomplishments.
How to Nominate a Young Adult for Recognition

Download the application and return it with a letter of nomination to:

The Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health
Attn: Matt Wolf
P.O. Box 1577
Williston, VT 05495

Submission Requirements
  1. A completed application for the Young Adult Leadership Award
  2. A Letter of Nomination should describe the nominee’s triumphs in rising to becoming an agent of change, accomplishments with other youth/young adults, activities in his/her community, and how all of this is positively affecting systems change. Nominations should also describe how the youth/young adult:
  3. • Displays adaptive skills and resiliency to overcome challenges & obstacles in life.
    • Displays self-control, responsibility and positive decision-making abilities in striving to achieve their goals.
    • Has built and displays teaming skills with other youth/young adults and community partners.
    • Is currently making a difference and changing the lives of other young adults and their community.
    • Takes responsibility for their successes & failures and is self-disciplined in working toward goals that contribute to the lives of others.
  4. Contact information for the nominee and parent/guardian (if nominee is under the age of 18) must be included.
Due Dates and Deadlines

Nominations must include all requested information and be received by the following dates in order to be considered for that quarter’s award.
[table style=”1″]

First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
June 30th (Postmarked by June 28th) September 30th (Postmarked by September 28th) December 31st (Postmarked by December 29th) March 31st (Postmarked by March 29th)
[/table] The YIT Grant State Team, in partnership with the local YIT Team, will present the award to the selected winner within six (6) weeks of the nomination due date for that quarter’s award.

If you have any questions regarding submitting a nomination for the YIT Grant Young Adult Leadership Award, please feel free to contact Matt Wolf at the Vermont Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health (VFFCMH) at (802) 244-1955 or by email at [email protected]